5 Best Gifts for People with No Style


Stage a Fashion Intervention

Help your friend go through her closet to remove problem items.
Help your friend go through her closet to remove problem items.

We only recommend this as a worst-case scenario. If your friend has absolutely no style, to the point where both you and she are wits' end, then it may be time to intervene, "What Not To Wear"-style. You and your friend will go through her closet, piece by piece, and toss the items that don't work or don't compliment. A couple of important tips for this strategy, however:

  • You should only do this if you're good friends who completely trust each other.
  • Be nice.

Talk to your pal about what styles she admires on other people, what she likes best on herself, and what kind of clothing looks most flattering on her body. After you've established all that, it's time to go shopping. One thing every style guru agrees on is that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince -- that means trying on a lot of jeans. And that brings us to Tip No. 3: Be patient.

We love your style! To find out more about fashion, check out the links below.

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