5 Best Gifts for the Fashionista in Your Life


Probably Safe: Go-with-everything Wrap

A cozy wrap will fit anyone and go anywhere.
A cozy wrap will fit anyone and go anywhere.

Chilly weather brings a boon in necessary accessories, which is good news for the gift giver. It's very, very difficult to go wrong with a fine scarf, shawl or wrap. Even fashionistas have to keep warm, and few women don't want something stunning around their necks and/or shoulders.

Cashmere is almost universally loved, so start there. Neutral tones will give her a daily-wear accessory, while bold hues offer more of a wow. Red, teal and yellow are big for winter 2011. A sparkly knit offers a potential New Year's piece.

If your girl's a serious style fanatic, consider leopard print.

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