5 Fashion Lessons You Can Learn from Your Tween


Don't be Afraid to Experiment

Go out on a limb and pop in some color.
Go out on a limb and pop in some color.

Your tween may regret buying those baby blue sandals next summer when everyone is wearing burnt orange, but at least she wasn't afraid to experiment. It's true she may be a little unclear on the realities of having a limited wardrobe budget, but she's got what they used to call moxie. If she's just spied a fashion photo of a turquoise belt with a pink plaid skirt, she'll beat a path to her closet (and yours) for a way to approximate that look. Sometimes, being fashion-forward isn't about high drama or expensive trappings. Fashion savvy comes with being brave enough to give a little something different a try, whether it's within your comfort zone or not.

You don't have to go completely crazy, though. There are so many ways to take a small risk, while still maintaining a level of sophistication. Buy an inexpensive handbag in a bright color to add some pop to your neutral outfits. Another option is to be adventurous with jewelry. Layer on necklaces of varying lengths, or attach them all together with a brooch.