5 Fashion Lessons You Can Learn from Your Tween

You can always share accessories with your tween. They can make an outfit. See More What Not to Wear: Accessories Pictures.

Being a mom has its fashion challenges. You don't want to look like a jungle cat on the prowl, but you do want to retain some fashion savvy. You try to avoid the mom jeans at all costs, but are the low-rise, skinny jeans right for you? Trends come and go and change so fast. How's a busy mom supposed to keep up? Aha! There's probably a fashion consultant living under your own roof -- your tween -- and she can teach you most of the things you need to know.

Your budding fashionista can be an inspiration, and it won't take bribery to learn the best style secrets, either. You don't want to copy her every fashion move, though. Let's face it; tweens are a little more daring than we are, and they can get away with a whole lot more than we can. Just pay close attention to the way your daughter behaves, and you'll be one up on all the other soccer moms in the neighborhood.