5 Essential Vintage Items for Your Closet

A Cropped Jacket

A classic cropped jacket is a great basic item rooted in haute couture that lends a sophisticated, feminine touch to any outfit. Make it tweed, boucle, collarless, or with a contrast trim, and channel your inner fashionista.

Originally made famous by Coco Chanel, who paired it with a matching skirt, today's best-dressed ladies often don a cropped tweed jacket to add polish to a simple T-shirt and jeans. The jacket also works for the office with a dressy blouse or sweater plus pants or a skirt. Add several long necklaces, and you've got a chic yet timeless corporate look.

Today's versions may feature frayed edges or beautiful trims, and you'll find a rainbow of beautiful colors and fabrics that work for all seasons. Gorgeous cropped jackets can be found at every price point, in every store from Kohl's to Barney's.