How to Look 10 Pounds Thinner

Wrapping Up: Skinny Tips and Tricks
Body type requires the appropriate clothes, these last minute skinny tips and tricks should help.
Body type requires the appropriate clothes, these last minute skinny tips and tricks should help.

No doubt, body-type appropriate clothes, shoes and accessories create the appearance of better proportions and help you look 10 pounds thinner instantly. However, there are also a few universal tips and tricks that apply to everyone, regardless of body type:

Posture Please: Standing up straight and tall, with your shoulders high and slightly back, not only elongates your body and makes you look thinner, it also makes you appear confident and in control.

Spanx for the Memories: In 1998, Sara Blakely cut the feet out of her panty hose to mask lumps and bumps and make her legs appear flawless in light-colored pants. The rest is history. Spanx now offers a full line of body-shaping apparel - hosiery, bras and panties, camis, even swimsuits. Form-fitting, slenderizing, tummy and cellulite whittling shapewear by Spanx or its many competitors, has become a must-have wardrobe element for women looking to take a few pounds off instantly.

Your Bra Is Your BFF: When your girls are lifted and separated, you look thinner, period. You appear taller. Your waist appears narrower. Ladies with a larger bust will especially need to invest in a really, really great brassiere.

Master Monochrome: Darker, monochromatic colors give the appearance of a longer, leaner line, but can be boring. Try a jacket with a print or texture to create visual interest. And don't forget bold-colored accessories, which can really help to draw the eye upward.

Focus on Your Favorite Feature: Whether it's your eyes, long legs or a tiny waist, we all have a part of our body that we like. Pick your best feature and accentuate it. But remember to keep it in proportion. Your long, shapely legs may look fantastic in skinny jeans, but no one will notice them if they're starting at the muffin top blooming at your waistline.

Bag up the Baggie Clothes. Then burn them. Enough said. Oversized clothes never, ever make you look thinner. In fact, make friends with your tailor. Most off-the-rack clothing can benefit from raised hemlines and other necessary alterations.

Try these tips and you'll be on the road to a leaner and meaner look in no time. And if you'd like more study material, style mavens Stacy London and Clinton Kelly will help you bone up with these tips.

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