How to Look 10 Pounds Thinner

Makeup, Accessories & Shoes
Makeup, accessories, and shoes can help make oyu look thinner.
Makeup, accessories, and shoes can help make oyu look thinner.

Once you've picked the perfect outfit for your body type, it's time to explore how your makeup, accessories and shoes can help you look ten pounds thinner. Let's start with your face.

Makeup Counts - In Small Amounts When it comes to looking thinner, it helps to have high cheekbones. And if you don't have prominent cheekbones, you can create them. Find a three-tone blush palette and apply the darkest tone just below the entire length of your cheekbones. Brush on the medium tone right above the dark tone and finish it off with the lightest tone on top for a youthful glow.

Next, try bronzer and shimmer. A bronzer that is just a hint darker than your skin tone will give your face a little touch of the sun, for a glowing, thinner look. Use shimmer (stick to soft, light, not-so-sparkly tones) to highlight the more striking areas of your face and draw attention away from the rounder, plumper parts.

When applying makeup, always blend well and use a light touch. The goal is to thin your face, not to end up looking like you're in drag.

Shoes and Accessories Shoes and accessories can really make the perfect look pop. Pointy-toe shoes are almost always a good choice; they lengthen the legs for a longer, taller, thinner appearance. Cowboy boots with pointy toes are appropriate for a curvy gal's frame, while an ankle-strap pointy-toe shoe works well for a tall figure. Petite and heavy women should avoid heels with too much height; they throw shorter women out of proportion and make curvy women look heavier.

The right accessories should match your proportions. If you are curvier, try a large clutch or a cuff rather than a tiny handbag or a slinky bracelet. Petites should choose bags with shorter shoulder straps, so the bag hangs at the middle of the torso, drawing attention to the waist. For ladies with a bit of extra weight around the middle, a belt that buckles just above the natural waist can make you look narrower.

Next up, we'll take a look at how men can get in on the thinning action.

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