10 Tips to Move From Single Style to Mom Style


Collect the Basics

The secret to having the most appropriate and flattering clothes for any occasion is keeping your closet stocked with the basics. With the following items in your wardrobe, you'll be well on your way to most stylish mommy on the block:

  • Layers: Wearing layered clothing is a must for a mom on the run. A fitted tee with a hip-length cardigan is a good look. If you get too warm or if Junior spits up on the cardigan, you can take it off. Or, you can even use it as an impromptu baby blanket!
  • Good jeans: Everyone should have at least one pair of dark wash, well-fitting, high-quality jeans. Naturally, you should steer clear of pleated "mom jeans." But also be wary of hip huggers. Mommies bend down a lot to pick up their kids, and you don't want to moon anyone at the playground.
  • All-purpose tote: Trade the tired old diaper bag for a more fashionable bag. Today it's easy to find cute bags that have enough room for both your stuff and your kid's.
  • Ballet flats and wedges: Ballet flats come in all different styles and easily slip on and off. You can even stash an extra pair in your bag for a shoe emergency! If you'd like a heel to give you a boost, wedges are another comfortable option.