10 Tips to Move From Single Style to Mom Style

Your go-to mom outfit -- a fitted cotton tee and jeans. See more pictures of parenting.

First things first: Don't panic. Transitioning to mom style doesn't mean you have to wear bedazzled cardigans and "mom jeans" for the rest of your life. You can still look fabulous.

That said, we're betting that, given the circumstances, your wardrobe may change just a tad. After all, that micro-mini you wore at your bachelorette party won't look as appropriate with a baby on your hip.

Plus, infants and toddlers have a way of making certain outfits simply impractical. What if the baby spits up on your dry-clean-only BCBG silk blouse? Getting that gunk out of your top would have been much easier had it been cotton and machine washable. Just sayin'.

Let's discuss this tricky transition from single style to mom style.