10 Great Fashionista Vacations


São Paolo

Reason No. 1 to hit Sao Paolo on your quest for fashion enlightenment: It's Brazil, for crying out loud. Do you really need another reason?

Dedicated fashionistas will find that São Paolo is a burgeoning force in the world fashion industry, churning out roughly $50 billion per year in export and domestic merchandise, according to The Rio Times. In fact, Sao Paolo Fashion Week is already widely believed to rank among the top five events of its kind, behind only established powerhouses New York, Paris, Milan and London. It doesn't hurt that the event typically features A-list celebs like Ashton Kutcher and Paris Hilton strutting their stuff on the runways, as well as Brazilian supermodels, like Gisele Bündchen, in all their long-legged glory.

Seasoned shoppers looking to do some serious damage will certainly revel in the São Paolo shopping scene. From street markets packed with antiques to market stalls downtown, you'll love unearthing treasures and haggling with shopkeepers. Be prepared for massive crowds, or get a quieter (albeit much more expensive shopping experience) at Jardins, an area known for its high-end stores and gourmet food. Who knows? You might just bump into Ms. Hilton stocking up on designer handbags … play nice, and maybe she'll buy you one, too!