10 Great Fashionista Vacations



As if the wine, pasta and scenery weren't enough reasons to make Italy a stop on your fashionista tour, Milan is also one of the most renowned fashion capitals in the world. Major fashion houses like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana are headquartered in this picturesque city in northern Italy. Milan is such a hotspot for fashion-related talent that it boasts 6,000 students in 14 fashion schools. Clearly, the city needs a lot of fresh talent to keep the industry moving.

Visitors can learn more about the historical significance of Milan's fashion industry by visiting the recently opened Museum of Fashion and Costume History. In terms of good, old-fashioned shopping, every major designer label is represented in the city's top-tier shopping district, the Golden Quadrilateral. Known for its prime window-shopping potential (and actual shopping for those of you with the funds), this area is located slightly north of one of the Piazza Duomo, so you can get your culture and shopping in one fell swoop.

Also, be sure to visit a gelateria or 20 during your trip. I know ice cream isn't fashion-related, but gelato always warrants a mention in any article about Italy.