10 Fashion Staples You Should Own Now That You're a Mom

Double-duty Gym Shoes

If new workout gear inspires you to be more physically active, the same could be true for a new set of sneakers. The best part? Because your new baby's probably more in control of your schedule than you are, wearing the right footwear -- all day -- means you can put in a 10-minute exercise session at a moment's notice.

Designers have introduced nearly endless options for gym-to-casual sneakers, and you should have a couple pair on hand. Why more than one? Because then you'll have the willpower it takes to throw out your tread-worn shoes when the time comes (without taking a break from your fitness routine for some power shopping).

Look for gym shoes that offer a cushioned heel and arch-hugging support. There are a few sneakers with rocker-like bottoms touted as "toning" shoes. But there are differing opinions on whether you'll see any real benefit from the increased muscle engagement they require for simply walking around.

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