10 Fashion Staples You Should Own Now That You're a Mom

Chic Flats

Yes, we said flats. And chic. In the same sentence.

This switch to high-comfort footwear doesn't mean giving up the ghost of your former stiletto-sporting self. Today's flats are bejeweled, sequined real-leather versions of their often pitiful predecessors. They're (thankfully) a stylish shoe to pair with your sassy new jeans or perfectly fitted A-line skirt. Plus, if you're wearing flats, the kids can't outrun you like they could if you were wearing heels.

Far from dowdy, you can find polished flats with a pointed toe or peep toe -- both of which visually elongate the leg. For a dressier look, opt for the shine of patent leather or a faux animal print (ostrich is our new favorite). If you're a logo vixen, you can even find flats emblazoned with an iconic GG for Gucci or F for Fendi.

If you're in it for comfort, however, be sure to shop for a flat with a thickly cushioned pad underfoot. Some even offer a memory foam base. Adequate support will provide keep your feet from aching at the end of a long day.