10 Fashion Staples You Should Own Now That You're a Mom


A Stylish Bag

Victoria Beckham, with her ever-present (and roomy) Birkin bag.
Victoria Beckham, with her ever-present (and roomy) Birkin bag.
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

A stylish bag can come in any shape and color, as long as we mention one must-have caveat: It has to be oh-so-roomy. After all, you're now carrying more than a debit card and lip gloss, thanks to a never-ending need for extra diapers, onesies and binkies.

The good news is there's no reason you can't tote a fashionable bag. It's currently all the rage for designers to create multi-use bags that travel with ease from office to girls' night out, and double as incognito diaper bags.

We like bags that offer a sharp pop of sophisticated color with plenty of interior compartments. When we find a stylish bag that pairs good looks with insulated compartments and a matching diaper-changing pad that tucks away inside, we beat a path to the checkout line. We know we'll be the envy of every mom lugging a clumsy plastic-sheathed diaper carrier, especially because we'll go on using our chic bag -- even when baby's out of diapers.