Face Makeup

Face makeup can enhance your features if applied properly. Get tips and information on face makeup.


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10 Ways to Incorporate Lemon Juice into Your Beauty Regime

When life gives you lemons... make a relaxing bath and homemade facial. While a day at the spa is a luxury, and often an investment, you can still treat yourself in between visits with an "at-home" spa.

Top 5 Fall Makeup Trends

Worried that your sheer pink lips are soooo spring '05? Or that your blue eyeliner is a tad too '07? Here are five fall makeup trends that should steer you through fall and winter 2010 with success.

A Healthy Glow: Blush vs. Bronzer

Want to look like a blushing beauty or a bronze goddess? Choosing the right product is essential.

Makeup for Women of Color

When supermodel Iman first hit the runway in the 1970s, she had to pack her own makeup kit. Times have changed, and cosmetics for women of color have expanded to a rainbow of options. What should you pick to best emphasize your own features?

5 Makeup Application Tools You Need

Applying makeup is just like anything else: You can't get the job done right unless you have the right tools. But which ones should you invest in?

Setting the Stage: Moisturizer, Concealer and Foundation Tips

Even if you're a lip-balm-only kind of girl, there will come a time in your life -- a black-tie party, perhaps, or a job interview -- that will compel you to put on some makeup. Be ready with these moisturizer, concealer and foundation tips.

Kristofer Buckle's Makeup Tips

Take a look at Kristofer Buckle's makeup tips to learn how to experiment and use makeup that flatters your looks. Learn about beauty with makeup tips.

Summer Makeup Essentials

When you've got the mother of all spotlights shining down on you, making some adjustments for outdoor lighting, ultraviolet rays and the accompanying heat is just good sense. These essentials will help you have fun in the sun.

Is natural mineral makeup better for your skin?

Natural mineral makeup is a growing trend in the world of natural beauty products. Learn what fans and skeptics have to say.

10 Health and Beauty Questions for Dr. Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz, co-author of books like "YOU: The Owner's Manual" and "YOU: Staying Young," has turned his focus to beauty in the book "YOU: Being Beautiful." What does it take to be beautiful?

12 Odd Beauty Products Throughout History

Today we worry about animal testing and lead in our lipstick. But our forebears took much bigger risks to look good -- check out some of the strange ingredients you'd find in cosmetic formulas in years past.

Cosmetics: What Women Buy, How They Buy It and Why

Women's cosmetics can create subtle or drastic changes. Read this article for cosmetic tips and expert opinions about women's addiction to cosmetics.

Travel Beauty

Travel beauty products help you maintain a fresh face while you're traveling. Learn what to pack with these beauty product recommendations.