When to Use Light Reflecting Makeup

Applying Light Reflecting Makeup

Now that your skin is cleaned, toned, moisturized and primed, it's time to apply foundation.

For liquid foundation -- Use a sponge applicator instead of your fingers. It will give you better coverage and a more professional looking result. We like latex sponges, but there are a number of materials on the market you can try, so use what feels comfortable. Moisten the sponge slightly before each use to keep it from absorbing too much foundation.

For powder foundation -- Use a large, soft bristle brush like a Kabuki brush as an applicator. A brush will make it easier to manipulate and blend the powder with less effort. Be sure to tap off excess powder before you begin applying makeup. It's easier to add more than it is to remove it if you apply too much.

After choosing an applicator, follow these steps:

  • Add foundation -- Place a small amount of foundation on a cloth, the back of your hand, the bottle's cap or another surface, and use it as your palette. Load the applicator with a little foundation, and add small dots of foundation to your forehead, chin and cheeks.
  • Sweep and smooth -- Smooth and blend the foundation in place from dot to dot working from the outside (jaw and temples) in toward your eyes and nose. A little product goes a long way. Swirl the sponge or brush over your cheeks, and use a sweeping motion on your forehead and chin.
  • Refine -- Finish with a patting or taping motion to the delicate areas under your eyes and around your nose. Your finger can be effective at smudging and blending foundation into these delicate areas, too. With either a liquid or a powder foundation, you can also use a fan brush to refine and polish your look.

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