Using Iridescents: Get Your Skin to Glow With Makeup

Take your skin tone to the next level.
Take your skin tone to the next level.

Young skin doesn't need much help to appear healthy and glowing. Spend a day outside, and you can carry the sun-kissed tone for a week. As we age, however, we need a little help to regain a youthful look. Stress, lack of sleep, not eating well, the sun and weather can all affect how our skin looks and feels.

Iridescent makeup (also called luminescent makeup) can improve and elevate skin tone and texture with minerals and pigments. There are many ways to use iridescent powders, eye colors, blushes and lip colors to get your skin radiant and glowing.

For a simple yet gentle all-over look, get a soft glow by using products such as a luminescent base or foundation. The effect is an almost invisible makeup layer that gives your skin a subtle dewiness. A big benefit of this look is that the appearance of wrinkles and skin discolorations are minimized, as light is refracted and diffused away from the skin. Layering makeup over your foundation creates depth and color to the look. For an even more discrete effect, mix a few drops of the luminescent base with your regular foundation or moisturizer and apply to bare skin.

You can also achieve a more modern and luminous finish with shimmer products. This makeup is usually packaged as a cream or a soft stick. It's applied for a pearlized sheen, so the makeup catches light as you move. Shimmer is best for defining and highlighting facial features such as the bridge of the nose, cheekbones and brow bones, as well as making lips look fuller. Dust shimmer down the bridge of your nose, across the top of your cheekbones and just under the arch of your brows to make them stand out under dimmed lightings. Blend out any visible edges after application.

For an all-out glam look, try iridescent glitter makeup. Glitter makeup gives a high-intensity, sparkling effect because it contains large mica particles that brightly reflect light. This ultra-glamorous look is best reserved for evening, and works best when applied to accent just one or two features, such as eyes and cheeks. For glittery eye makeup that doesn't vanish before your event ends, try a cream-based glitter eye shadow that has longer staying power.

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