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Staying hydrated while you travel will go a long way to keep your skin refreshed.
Staying hydrated while you travel will go a long way to keep your skin refreshed.

I'm a distinguished and long-serving member of the Mile-High Club. It's actually pretty easy to become a member. In fact, if you've ever boarded an airplane, jumbo jet or super shuttle, it's my duty to inform you that you too are a member. It's just that this Mile-High Club has much more to do with hijackings than high jinks. Because, as anyone who's ever flown knows, airplanes seize control of your face and don't let go until landing.

You know the scenario. You climb aboard for a trip to, say, Cleveland, face beaming with excitement, eyes shining in anticipation, and you arrive looking the whole other side of slick. Your body may have flown first class, but your face definitely rode cargo.

It is, however, possible to bump your face up to at least business class. Read on and learn about the latest beauty products. They not only travel well — they perform well, too.

To start with, like the stale, recycled air of most shopping malls, the air in airplanes can be horribly dehydrating. Combat this problem by drinking plenty of water before and during travel. A glass of wine or a single-shot bottle of vodka might make you relax, but drinking alcoholic beverages in flight can dry you out faster than a trip to Betty Ford.

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Travel Beauty Tips

A Drink of Water for Your Skin

While you're gulping water, your skin would benefit from a drink as well. It's a good idea to mist your face with Evian spray, or, if you're not a supermodel, a travel-sized spray bottle of tap water will do. Mosturizers will help, too. Sports Illustrated cover girl Rebecca Romijn-Stamo swears by SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel, an oil-free moisturizer that is packed with so much H2O, it's practically leaking. Other frequent flyers slather on Prescriptives Flight Cream. This rich lotion not only moisturizes and refreshes, it also gives the skin a temporary face-lift. Once earthbound, this miracle moisturizer can also be used as a five-to-10-minute hydrating mask. Skyhydra, the ultimate high-altitude moisturizer, can be applied in seconds, but works for hours to maintain the skin's firmness and equilibrium in a pressurized cabin.

The Perfect Carry-On

Another travel requisite, besides a good book, is a good travel bag - filled with a bevy of travel-sized products. Origins Come Fly With Me Travel Kit is loaded with miniature airborne essentials: lip balm, on-the-spot gels to relax and uplift, emergency moisturizer and a "sprinkler system" spray bottle for the face. Guerlain's Issima Blue Voyage contains tiny travel treats like in-flight serum, relaxing body oil, recovery night cream and cleanser.

All-in-one products like Lancome's Blush Pommette can be used as a blush, eye shadow and lip color. Clarins new Jewel Highlights Compact comes in a small, space-saving (and face-saving) compact and contains a range of four coordinating eye, cheek and lip colors.

Don't Forget to Dot Your Eyes

Relieve puffiness caused by fatigue and cabin pressure with Pond's Cucumber Eye Treatments. Each little miracle worker looks and smells like the real thing. But you might want to snack on the peanuts instead.

Face It

It's not unheard of for an airline to loose luggage. As long as you have a carry-on bag that includes your in-flight survival kit, you'll be able to face any mishap. If, however, you do have a bit of room to spare, bringing aboard a change of clothing - including shoes and accessories - is not a bad idea. You never know.

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