I'm Melting: Summer Makeup Tips

By: Julia Layton


Summer heat can make lips look sadly sticky, smudgy and utterly unsmooth -- not very sexy, in short. You can change that with a few tweaks to your lip routine.

  • Prime them -- Priming lips with a balm can be a savior in summer, creating a plumper, smoother palate that resists the little cracks that can ruin everything. Apply a layer of lip primer or lip balm, preferably something with SPF built in, before you do anything else.
  • Go light -- Deep, dark colors that look gorgeous in autumn can look totally out of place in summer. They can also magnify any creases, smudges, stickiness or other imperfections that may result from heat and humidity. For the hot times, consider something light and sheer. A gloss or tinted lip balm can summerize your lips instantly.
  • Set them (if you must) -- If you insist on wearing lipstick, set it with powder so it sticks around for more than 10 minutes. Apply the color, dust lips with powder, and then swipe on another light coat of color. It will help hold everything in place when you start to sweat.

Once you've gotten the hang of it, adjusting your makeup for summer can be a refreshing change. Just remember to lighten up, cut down on oil and make powder your BFF. You may find yourself sticking to the lighter, fresher look and feel all year long.


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