I'm Melting: Summer Makeup Tips

By: Julia Layton


Made-up eyes face a couple of serious issues in the heat and humidity. First, stuff smudges and drips. Second, and perhaps even worse, stuff settles into lines. You can minimize both by making a few changes in both substance and color.

  • Prime them -- If you don't typically use an eye primer, start now. It goes on beneath your shadow or liner and helps hold everything in place when things get moist.
  • Go sheer and neutral -- It can be tough to completely stop shadow from settling into eyelid creases. To reduce the consequences, choose light, sheer shadows in neutral colors. If they do settle in, the effect will be far less noticeable than with deep, rich colors. Switching to a light, long-lasting cream color rather than powder may also help, since it sets better.
  • Powder up -- As with your base layer, finish off your eyes with a light coat of translucent powder -- even over your liner. It will help absorb moisture and keep the color in place. At the lash line, you can go over the powder with another coat of liner to get the full color back.
  • Waterproof it -- One thing is practically guaranteed: Mascara will run when you sweat. If you don't use waterproof mascara year-round, start now, and stick with it through the warmer months. You'll also find waterproof liners and cream shadows out there, which you might want to try for longer wear.

With the eyes colored, powdered and thickly lashed, it's time for the final feature …