I'm Melting: Summer Makeup Tips

By: Julia Layton

Summer heat means lighter makeup.
Summer heat means lighter makeup.

Daily makeup rituals can become second nature. It might take years of practice and experimentation to finally settle into something that works, and rocking the boat can seem almost counterproductive, even when your face starts falling off in a streaky mess around high noon.

Fear not: Switching up your makeup for the summer months can be not only aesthetically rewarding, but also a renewing experience you come to appreciate. Like spring cleaning, only for your face. And in summer.


Here, some tips to help you look great through the heat, humidity, sweat and oil that make summertime makeup maintenance so very tricky. It's really not too hard to make the transition if you keep a few commandments in mind. No. 1: Don't add oil. No. 2: Do add powder. And No. 3: Go light all around.

First, what this means for your skin …