Setting the Stage: Moisturizer, Concealer and Foundation Tips

Act VI: Foundation Application
Triangular makeup sponges are perfect for foundation application.
Triangular makeup sponges are perfect for foundation application.

So you have some foundation that seems to match your skin tone reasonably well but how should you apply it? Brush, swipe or sponge? The rule of thumb for liquid or cream foundation is -- sponge or fingers for sheer coverage, brush for heavier coverage.

Speaking of heavy coverage, foundation doesn't have to be spackled over your entire face to be effective. Sometimes all you need is some strategically placed concealer and a few dabs of foundation in problem areas. If you're going for a full-face application, start in the middle of your cheeks and forehead and blend outward. Never stop at the jaw line -- that will give you the dreaded makeup mask. Apply the foundation all the way onto your neck, using a damp sponge or your fingers to clean up any unevenness.

Finally, set your foundation with powder. If you have dry skin, dab some loose powder onto your T-zone only. Those with normal to oily skin can be more liberal with the powder, but if you tend to be oily, pressed powder will do more to control that shine.

There, you're done! Check out the next page for more information on how to complete your perfectly made-up face.

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