Setting the Stage: Moisturizer, Concealer and Foundation Tips

Act III: Cover Charge

If you've been under the impression that all concealers are created equal, prepare for your world to be rocked. You actually need two concealers -- one for the under-eye area and one for blemishes. And if you're sporting particularly dark under-eye circles, you're going to need corrector, too.

Experts say your under-eye concealer should have yellow undertones (yellow counteracts blue) and be one shade lighter than your skin. But if you have more severe under-eye issues, you'll want some corrector to go under the concealer. Corrector is more peach-pink in color and works against the green and purple tones in big-time under-eye circles.

Your blemish concealer, on the other hand, should match your foundation exactly. Using a light colored under-eye concealer on a zit you're trying to hide will just make it stand out more.

You've waded through all the choices and finally have your moisturizer, concealer and foundation in hand. So, what do you do now?