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Makeup Artist, Kristofer Buckle has worked with countless celebrities and magazines. Now he brings his expertise to Cover Shot and offers these smart ideas for looking your best.

Department Store Makeup Counters Are NOT the Place to Start

Department Store Makeup Counters Are NOT the Place to Start


When women are looking for advice or tips, or just a place to get started on developing a new makeup look, they should not begin with fancy makeup counters. The salespeople there have one goal: to sell their products, and lots of them.

If you are unsure of what you want or need, they will often try to sell you too much and recommend products that are expensive and unnecessary. Their products are often great, but unless the customer knows what she is looking for, the process can be hazardous to her wallet.

Start a Scrapbook

A great way to gather new ideas is by creating a scrapbook with pictures and tips from magazines. Beauty, fashion and even tabloid magazines are full of how-to tips and new-look ideas. Clip interesting items that seem particularly relatable to your needs and paste them into the scrapbook to reference and remember. This is the best way to easily develop an idea of what is possible.

Experiment Down Low

Women can waste a huge amount of money experimenting with makeup. Experimentation is great, but there is no need to buy high-end products from high-end retailers. If a woman wants to try out a new color of eye shadow, she should look to the local drug store first.

Buy a cheap version first and try it out. There is no reason to have low confidence in low-priced products. If the color or style doesn't work, at least it isn't a huge waste of money.

Color on Narrow Faces:

The key for women with narrow faces is to apply color close to the nose, keeping away from the perimeter of the face. This keeps the perimeter of the face brighter and makes it look a little wider. Also, darkening a little right under the chin will help provide a stronger end to the face, making it look shorter.

Color on Round Faces:

Women who have round faces should apply color farther away from the nose, toward the perimeter of the face. This provides a shadowing effect, making the face seem thinner.


There is no best product to use. There are no magic fix-alls. What is best is what works best for each woman. If someone has an old eyelash curler that she has had for 10 years and it works perfectly well for her, there is no reason to change it. Beauty is individual; therefore each woman has to discover what ultimately works best for her.

It All Adds Up:

The most important thing to remember with good makeup is that everything should be small and subtle. No one part of the makeup routine should dominate the face. Applying makeup should be done sparingly so that each part (eyes, cheeks, lips, etc) can work together harmoniously to bring out a face's best feature.

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