How to Use Different Types of Makeup Brushes

By: Sara Elliott

How to Use an Eyeliner Brush

Eyeliner can give your eyes drama and dimension, but applying a thick, well-defined line can make you look like you just stepped out of a bad 1960s movie. One of the best ways to avoid a stark, fake look is to apply liner with a brush designed with your lash line in mind.

The brush -- This is one time when a synthetic brush may be the answer. Select a short, firm-bristled brush with a relatively short handle. Look for a head with a straight or angled edge and stiff margins. Because you want to define a precise, narrow band right at your lash line (the bottom of the lid), control is important. You can use this brush with a liquid, gel or dry liner product.


The technique -- Employ an eyeliner brush to both apply and blend liner products. The idea here is to create a swipe of color that is artfully feathered. Learning to apply liner effectively takes practice, but using a brush instead of, say, a pencil, can give you a more professional look. If you're just learning the ins and outs of makeup application, try applying liner with a pencil and then going over the line again with like colored powder and an eyeliner brush. Your look will last longer without smudging and give your lids a dimensional appearance you'll have a harder time getting with pencil liner alone.