How to Use Different Types of Makeup Brushes

By: Sara Elliott

How to Use an Eye Shadow Brush

Applying eyeshadow can be deceptively challenging. Your eyelid has dimension where it curves over your eye. It also has a crease that can be used to create depth. The right eye shadow brush will be able to take advantage of the unique topography of your lid area. It can do triple duty as an eyelid brush, eyebrow brush and eyeliner brush.

The brush -- A brush with a shorter handle and dense, tightly packed bristles will give you good control and offer better coverage for the products you choose. Soft, half-inch bristles aren't too short or bendy to do the job. Remember, they'll be applying and blending shadow and possibly other products on one of the most delicate areas of your body. Ideally, you want a brush that offers gentle control. Another option is to go with an angled brush for blending and a softer, fluffier brush to apply accent colors to your lash line and crease line. If you plan on blending multiple colors or rely on shadow to deal with hooded or shallow lids, then a two-brush approach may be for you.


The technique -- Put on small amounts of shadow over multiple applications to avoid dusting excess shadow on your cheeks and nose, which can be hard to get off later. Use a sweeping back and forth motion along the lid, working in the direction of the angled bristles. Use the tip of the brush to add contouring along your eyelid crease, at the lash line and along the brow line.