How to Blend Your Makeup Flawlessly

Tools for Blending Makeup

If you've been applying and blending your makeup with the bare-basics tools that come with your eye shadows, blushes and foundation, you're probably going to have to do a little shopping. Those devices are fine and dandy for the novice cosmetic dabbler, but you're ready to make your face a work of art, right? It's time to buy some new tools.

As we mentioned on the previous page, the tool you use to apply foundation depends on its formulation and the amount of coverage you want. The rule of thumb for liquid or cream foundation is: sponge or fingers for sheer coverage, brush for heavier coverage. Powder foundations, which are best for oily skin, go on with a brush (which is an entirely different kind of brush, of course, than the one for cream foundation). Stick foundations provide full coverage and can be blended with your fingers. A damp sponge is invaluable for thinning out foundation and blending it into your neck.

Concealer can be applied with your fingers or a brush, too. It just depends on how much coverage you need. Most concealer brushes can be used to both apply and blend, and they tend to be flat and dense, with an oval tip.

For eyes, they actually make a brush that's specifically for blending. They can be domed or pointed, which helps when you're trying to confine your blending to the line dividing two colors (as we explained on the previous page). If you want to get even more specialized, you can get a brush that's only for blending your crease color to your lid color.

As far as lips go, a flat, oval lip brush is the best thing for merging lip liner with matte or semi-matte lip color.

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