Guide to Matte Lipstick

Matte Lipstick Guide: Final Touches

One of the best things about matte lipstick is its staying power. It sticks to your lips like it was born there. This quality can also make it more difficult to work with, though, which means it may take a little touch-up to get it just right.

A few tips for getting matte lip color exactly where you want it:

  • Try a lip brush -- Some people apply matte lipstick with a brush in the first place; but if you go the out-of-the-tube route, you can also use a lip brush to even out the color and opacity afterward if you find it's a little mottled. It's best to use the brush immediately after you apply the final dabs of balm, while the moisture is at a maximum and the lipstick hasn't had a chance to completely set.
  • Swab the border -- Matte lipstick shows every mistake, so check your outline carefully. If you find any stray color, touch up the border with a moist, swab-style closed-cell sponge.
  • Blot -- Excess matte lipstick can end up looking cakey, so you'll want to lightly blot. Consider using blotting paper instead of tissue, since the latter can stick and leave a linty residue.

Matte lipstick is not as forgiving as the glossier kind, so you'll want to put in some extra effort to get it right. Once you've got it there, though, you're golden, because a good matte lipstick will stay in place for hours -- a godsend, since it's tough to look sophisticated with smudgy lips. Even if they're matte finish.

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