10 Health and Beauty Questions for Dr. Oz


Does stress have both physical and mental effects?

It is absolutely on both, and we know this actually from rodent studies looking at how rats cope with stress. But it's true for humans in many, many settings. If you look at how people cope with natural disasters or with Sept. 11, over and over again we see that something like Katrina hits and the heart attack rates go up and depression goes up and people age. Even being president of this country, by the way, can measurably age you over the course of your tenure because people are always hammering at you. And we recognize this, but we often don't act on it. Now remember it's not the stress itself. It's your response to stress that's causing the problem. And I want to emphasize that because running away from stress is never the solution. Learning how to cope with it more effectively usually is the way to go.