10 Health and Beauty Questions for Dr. Oz


Why does beauty matter?

The reason that beauty is important to us is because beauty is all about health. We're hardwired to seek out beauty, and the reason is that before we had blood tests and MRI scans, the best way for us to tell if a person was a good candidate to mate with us and whether they were healthy enough to do so was how beautiful they were. And so it's not some issue of vanity. We're actually always deep in our reptilian brain going to seek out beauty.

All of you out there are beautiful by definition. Why? Because your parents sought each other out because they were looking for beautiful people. And their parents did, too, and each of you answers to this -- all of humanity does, which means that you are beautiful. You are hardwired to have the beauty in you, and all we want to do in "YOU: Being Beautiful" is to get you to unveil the beauty that's already in there. That's our entire goal, and you do that by realizing that deep inside of you there are processes going on that eventually bubble to the surface and are expressed as beauty.