A Healthy Glow: Blush vs. Bronzer

Bronzed Goddess

Bronzer can create a radiant look.
Bronzer can create a radiant look.

Bronzer is a sheer powder or cream used to add a little color to your overall complexion without sun worshipping or a fake and bake. If you already have a tan, or were blessed with an olive complexion, you'll most likely have the best results using bronzer. The key with bronzer is to find a shade that's at the most one or two shades darker than your current skin tone. This may mean changing bronzers with the seasons.

When applying bronzer, you need to make sure it blends evenly so you don't end up with streaks or a tan line around the edge of your face. If you want to funk it up a bit, you can pick a shade with a little shimmer -- but be sure to save this for nighttime wear. It will give you a subtle shimmer by moonlight but can make you sparkle excessively in the sun.

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