5 Must-have Tools for Your Makeup Kit


Makeup Brush Set

Brushes may be the most popular tool for applying all kinds of makeup, from lip glosses and lipsticks, pressed eye shadows and liquid liners, powdered, cream or liquid blushes, and of course, foundations. Keeping a set of brushes on hand and cleaned and ready makes playing with different colors or types of looks easy or can make a set morning routine even more efficient.

High-end cosmetics makers retail brushes costing in the hundreds of dollars, and drugstore lines produce similar-shaped tools for a few dollars. Quality comes down to the type of brush hairs -- real/animal or synthetic -- and the way the bristles are held in place or adhered to the handle.

Often the best value in brushes, whether high-end or low, is in buying sets of brushes that include lip, eye shadow, eyebrow, setting powder, blush, and even bronzer and blending brushes. A great brush -- no matter the cost -- will create a noticeably different and improved makeup application, so trying out a few brands and types is worth the extra effort.