5 Most Essential Elements in Mineral Makeup

Titanium Dioxide

It reflects light almost as well as mica; it blocks UVA and UVB rays just like zinc oxide; it stays on your skin until you wash it off: No wonder titanium dioxide is a key ingredient in so many kinds of mineral makeup!

Like zinc oxide, titanium dioxide is opaque, so it's able to cover blemishes as well as protect against sunburn and provide uniform coverage to even out skin tone. Titanium dioxide is also used to thicken mineral makeup and help to keep it in place. It can even be used as a colorant to lighten the tone of makeup. While some mineral makeup formulations use either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, many brands throw both these hardworking minerals into the mix.

The minerals we've covered so far are either white or clear, so where does mineral makeup get its color? Read on to find out.