5 Makeup Tips for Professional Women

Ease Up

On television, it is (apparently) entirely appropriate to wear a black smoky eye to the office. And oh, how we love a black smoky eye.

But not at work.

In real life, glamorous makeup is out of place in the work world. It often looks overdone, and it can even come off as unprofessional (or at least a different kind of professional). Your office is not a night club.

Unless it is, in fact, a night club, and then, by all means, go smoky.

For the rest of us, the best approach is to minimize. The goal at work is the same as the goal for a night out -- to highlight your best features – but at work, the highlighting should be subtle. If you wear eyeliner, choose a pencil instead of a liquid to soften look, and go easy when filling in the eyebrows. Try a light application of shadow, one coat of mascara instead of three, a quick swipe of blusher or bronzer, and a quiet layer of lipstick or low-shine gloss.

Which brings us to an inarguable point: neither red, neon pink, nor sparkles on the lips are considered quiet.

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