5 Makeup Splurges that Are Worth It

Brow Powder

You've worked hard (or paid a professional your hard-earned money) to tweeze, thread or wax your brows into shape. Don't blow it by reaching for a brow pencil or forcing your eye shadow to double as brow powder.

Eyebrows are an important facial feature -- and at the heart of current beauty trends -- so it only makes sense to spend on them. Splurge on colored wax and powder combos (the wax helps the powder stay put until you decide to remove it), as well as colored mineral powder for brows. Both options offer a natural-looking alternative to pencils, boost your brows better than no color at all, and blend beautifully -- thanks to a variety of just-right shades. Plus, the powder settles on the skin under brow hair, filling in problem areas with aplomb.

Really want to splurge? Look for a compact of multiple brow powders in a variety of shades that are great for customizing, as well as templates for creating the perfect shape [source: Carrillo].