5 Makeup Splurges that Are Worth It



Whether you're shopping with your best friend or simply want a drop-dead look sure to make her jealous, there's just no substitute for luxury products that work.

You can buy a $100 per ounce foundation at a makeup counter or spend less than $10 for coverage at nearly any drug store, but there are more important differences between these high-low examples than just price.

Luxury brand foundation lines are formulated with finely milled ingredients, and this results in a smoother, more even application on your skin. You'll use less product, because high-end foundations generally offer more coverage than their less expensive counterparts. Plus, you can usually try pricey foundation shades and get expert advice at a makeup bar -- for free -- before making a splurge.

If your budget forces you to make choices (and whose doesn't?), cut corners with eye or cheek colors, but not with foundation. It's the canvas upon which you'll create a makeup masterpiece.