5 Makeup Products You Just Don't Need


Vibrating Mascara

A vibrating mascara wand is definitely one thing you can leave at the beauty counter.
A vibrating mascara wand is definitely one thing you can leave at the beauty counter.
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If you're going to the trouble of applying mascara, you're likely devoted enough to your lashes to wiggle the wand a little. What? It's really not much trouble at all?

Exactly. It's unclear exactly why a vibrating wand might make eyelashes look thicker and longer than a manual one, but whatever benefit there might be, it likely doesn't balance out the risk of poking yourself repeatedly in the eye with a stiff-bristled brush. Unconvinced? Try applying your mascara while sitting on a washing machine.

And we're skeptical about the benefit: The battery-powered wand is moving faster than a regular one, sure; but for most of us that means less control.

Mascara, like so many makeup essentials, is a good thing that doesn't need a high-tech upgrade. Sometimes, it's the products and techniques we're most comfortable with that help us look our best, not the newest, most expensive trend.

If that placenta mask guarantees we'll look like J.Lo in our 40s, though, bring it on.

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