5 Makeup Products You Just Don't Need


Anti-aging Powders

This is not to say that all anti-aging cosmetics are pointless (though many of them are). Liquid and cream makeups that have high-enough concentrations of proven ingredients like retinol and antioxidants (most of them don't) can potentially make skin look younger with consistent, long-term use. Powders, however, are a different story.

Products like finishing powders and powder blushes that claim to have anti-aging properties may in fact contain effective ingredients, but it doesn't matter much. For one thing, the necessary concentrations of those ingredients would likely turn the powder sticky. The format just can't support them. And then there's the fact that finishing powders and blushers go on over your other makeup; those ingredients are barely even touching your skin, let alone being absorbed in the quantities that would have any therapeutic benefit.

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