5 Easy Ways to Coordinate Makeup Colors

Complement Your Outfit, But Don't Match It

Just because you can find a lipstick that's the same color as your dress doesn't mean you should actually apply it. While it's perfectly fine to match your lipstick to your outfit when you're wearing a traditional shade of red or pink, it's generally a bad idea to match lips to dresses in bright jewel tones or darker hues.

Coordinating your makeup to your outfit doesn't mean wearing the same color from head to toe. Instead, look for makeup tones that complement your clothing, rather than matching it exactly. Pairing a deep purple dress with dark plum lips will only draw attention away from your clothes. Instead, choose clear lip gloss with a slight violet tint to pull your look together while keeping the focus on your dress. You can also look for makeup colors that naturally complement your clothing, such as a rich green eye shadow paired with a red top or a gorgeous pink lipstick worn with a seafoam gown.

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