Beautiful or Bust: 5 Drugstore Substitutes

You don't need a name brand to get top-notch results.
You don't need a name brand to get top-notch results.

Ask my parents which brands they prefer and you'll get a snapshot of the products that were part of my childhood. For decades, my mom and dad have been stocking the same brands on their cupboard shelves.

They're not alone. For generations, consumers have been loyal to their favorite products. In fact, at least one study reports children as young as 2 years old can easily identify brands. And, by age 3, they're forming opinions that certain brands can make them seem stronger, smarter or more charismatic. It's little wonder that wearing your favorite designer lipstick makes it easier to enter a crowded room.

If you're a loyal fan of name-brand skin care and cosmetics, it may be time to take a second look at some budget-saving imposters. While not every product you love will have a drugstore substitute, we've uncovered five that offer the same beauty boost -- without the high price.

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