3 Tips to Highlight Your Cheekbones

Tip 2: Replace Blush With Bronzer

For those who've never used it before, bronzer can be downright intimidating. There's a fine line between achieving sun-kissed status and looking like a C-list celebrity back from vacation. Fortunately, there's a shade and a brand out there for every skin tone and type. You just have to find it and learn how to use it!

Bronzer can be used in place of blush (or with it), particularly during the tan-friendly summer months. Like blush, bronzer comes in cream or powder form, both of which can be shimmery, sparkly or feature a light, natural glow. It's probably a good idea to experiment with a few different types at the makeup counter, and obtain some friendly professional advice to be sure you purchase the right bronzer.

Here are some ways to use bronzer:

  • Apply bronzer to the very top of the cheek bones, using the same tools as you would with blush. This technique will reflect the light, making you appear more defined.
  • Application to the lower part of the cheekbones turns out a defined, sunken look. Just use a blush brush to sweep bronzer along the lower line. A little bit of cheekbone highlighter applied to the upper cheekbone and blended with a light blush finishes off the look nicely.
  • For another blush and bronzer combo, follow these directions from MZ Dunman, hairstylist and makeup artist in Laguna Beach, Calif.: "Blush your face using circular motions on your apples and fade out towards the ear. Then use a slightly darker bronzer below your cheek bone."

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