10 Ways to Incorporate Lemon Juice into Your Beauty Regime

Lemon juice can dry up pimples.
Lemon juice can dry up pimples.

When life gives you lemons… make a relaxing bath and homemade facial. The acid in lemon juice has great benefits for your skin, hair and nails. Why spend hundreds of dollars on unnatural products and pills to strengthen your nails, clear your skin or highlight your hair when there's a pristine bottle of lemon juice sitting in the fridge? While a day at the spa is a luxury, and often an investment, you can still treat yourself in between visits with an "at-home" spa.

Our list of ways to incorporate lemon juice into your beauty regime includes some teenage favorites like hair highlights and zit removal, alongside some more crafty projects like homemade hairspray. Every option is cost-effective and worth a try before you roam the aisles of the drugstore in search of the same solutions. Your face, hair and your wallet will thank you.

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