The 10 Most Common Makeup Mistakes


Wearing the Wrong Color Foundation

There may be no more obvious makeup mistake than the wrong color foundation. When your face is one color and your neck is another, you know the shade of your foundation is completely wrong. Foundation is supposed to even out your skin tone and provide a primer for the rest of your makeup. If your foundation is noticeable, chances are you're wearing the wrong color or applying too much.

According to a study by Estée Lauder, up to 77 percent of women wear the wrong color foundation. Experts believe this occurs because many women test foundation on their hands, which are typically a shade or two darker than their faces. When shopping, choose a few colors that seem closest to your natural skin tone and draw stripes along your jawline using a cotton swab. The foundation that disappears into your skin is the right color. If you have to blend your foundation into your neck, you're wearing the wrong color. And remember, you'll need different color foundations for summer and winter.