Secrets to Getting That Smoky Eye

Step 5: Final Flourishes

With a heavy eye, finishing touches can really make or break the look. We're primarily talking about three things here: lashes, cheeks and lips.

Two coats of mascara will finish your eyes. Be sure not to clump.

For cheeks and lips, you want to downplay. Your eyes are the standout feature here. That means a neutral blush that blends right into your skin tone or, better yet, a bronzer that highlights your bone structure without adding pigment.

Lips should be subtle -- a light, neutral shade works well with a smoky eye, as does a clear, nude or light pink gloss. You can line your lips with a neutral color if you're a lip-line fan, but it's not strictly necessary.

Your face is now ready to greet the world. Just don't go throw on a cotton sundress with your night-time eyes. An LBD or some skinny jeans with heels are a much better match.

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