Secrets to Getting That Smoky Eye

Makeup Tips Image Gallery Elizabeth Taylor reapplies her smoldering eye makeup on the set of "Cleopatra." See more makeup tips pictures.
Keystone Features/Getty Images

It was perhaps Cleopatra, if by Cleopatra we mean Elizabeth Taylor, which we do, who first made famous the sultry "smoky eye." It's dark, typically gray or black, and is definitely not a look to be worn with a sundress. It's a heavy, 18-and-over eye, suitable for parties, clubs and fashion shoots, if you're into those.

Indeed, there is nary a female celebrity who hasn't worn it in public at least once, and women have been scurrying to copy the sexy style for years. It's a multi-step look that does require some know-how, but there's no reason why you can't do it at home, especially with the surge in "smoky-eye kits" on store shelves.

You don't even need one of those, though. You may already have what you need in your makeup kit, and if not you can equip yourself for less than $30.

We'll start there, with the supplies you'll need for the smoky eye.

While the look is typically done in gray or black, we'll go with the gray version here, which is a bit less dramatic (read: more wearable).