Eyelash Strips vs. Individual Lashes: Which is right for me?

Ideal Uses for Individual Lashes

Individual faux lashes differ from strips because they come in singular and tiny strands that can be added to your natural lashes strategically. Adding a few dark, long ones to the outer corners of the eyes creates a cat-eye affect similar to tracing out a long black line across the lashes and outward. Using individual lashes to fill in sparse spots or areas where lashes have fallen out is a great way to build up what you have without using an entire strip.

Getting individual lashes applied is generally affordable, but those who are adept with tiny strands and minute drops or pieces of adhesive may have no problem filling in their own lash lines. Others, well, may get frustrated and sticky-fingered without actually getting the lashes to their eyes. Watching a few online tutorials comparing both strip and individual lashes may give the best indication of how well you would do on your own.

If it seems over-the-top to consider taking the plunge into added plumage, pick a night to try out some drugstore options and venture out with friends who do the same. Many women use them naturally and routinely without batting an eye -- just lots of eye lashes.

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