Eyelash Strips vs. Individual Lashes: Which is right for me?

Ideal Uses for Eyelash Strips

If you've ever tried false eyelashes from the drug or beauty supply store, it's likely that they were in strips. With a single, thin base shaped to arch along the real lash line of the eyes, eyelash strips are a one-piece way to add lots of lashes in a little time and usually for little cost. From $5 varieties to elaborate pairs that cost hundreds of dollars, strips of false eyelashes all usually adhere by adding a special adhesive to the base of the strip and pressing it just above the upper lash line. Once applied, a coat or two of mascara added on top will help blend the real lashes and the fake into a more seamless set of wide-eyed peeps.

Eyelash strips also come in a variety of lengths and materials, so they can look entirely natural while adding volume to natural lashes, or they can be dramatic, touch-the-eyebrows feathery fake ones in assorted colors. Strips can be pretty long-wearing and are generally easy to moderately difficult to apply by yourself. But if you're intimidated by the prospect of using sticky stuff near the eyeball or tangling together your new lashes before you even get them on your eyes, it's even easier to have them applied at a salon or specialty eyelash boutique.

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