Choosing Dramatic Eye Makeup that Pops

If people notice your eyes, they'll notice you.
If people notice your eyes, they'll notice you.
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Some consider the eyes the windows to the soul, so wearing makeup that makes them "pop" can make you easier to notice.

Making your eyes pop is all about using contours and light along with the shape of your eye to make them look larger and brighter. You can do this by making sure you have the proper eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara.


Eyeliner is a quick way to define your eyes, and you can use different products for this effect. Eye pencils are easy tools for creating sharp definition or easily smudgeable lines. Some eye pencils are even two-toned: One end is a dark shade, while the other end is a light shade. The dark side can create definition, which the light side can whiten and brighten to produce a larger-looking eye. Eyeliner can also come in liquid or gel form, and its intensity can create a dramatic impact. If you have a steady hand, you can even use powder shadow to create soft, defined lines – just apply it with an eye makeup brush.

Eye shadow is a makeup bag essential. A neutral palette of eye shadow shades can create a naturally smoky look. Shadows in rich jewel tones can also make your eyes pop. Another trick to use in defining your eyes with shadow is to choose colors with undertones that are the opposite of your eye color. Orange and peach undertones go well with blue eyes, and red undertones bring out green eyes. Brown happen to be a neutral color, so pretty much anything goes for brown-eyed girls, but blues and purples really enhance their color.

Get eye shadow in light, medium and dark shades and layer the colors on your eyes for maximum effect. Apply the light shade across your entire eyelid, then put the medium shade on the lower lid and finally add the dark shade along the lash line. You can also add the lightest color in your palette to the area along the brow bone to give a highlighting effect.

Don't forget about your lashes! You can add false lashes to make them look longer, but new innovations in mascara can also make your natural lashes look longer, thicker and fuller without having to spend time gluing on lash extensions. If you have lashes that point downward, you may want to consider curling them to make your eyes look bigger.

Remember that when you have a few key products in your makeup bag, you can use them to create a stunning eye look that will have everyone's eyes on you.


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