Dramatic Brows with a Pencil Liner

Brow Technique Finishing Touches
Only use a pen liner if you're really brave!
Only use a pen liner if you're really brave!

Once you've gotten your brows in place with your pencil liner, take a step back and look in the mirror. You'll want to make sure that they're even and symmetrical, so if anything is out of place, take a wet Q-tip and remove any excess or uneven pencil marks. Pencil is easier to remove than pen liners, so you can easily fill back in any holes this leaves. If your brow is coming up a little short at the end point, you can lengthen it by tapering it off with your pencil, making sure to use the light, feathery strokes we mentioned on the previous page.

If your eyebrows are particularly thin or light in color, you may want to amp up the coverage a little bit by filling in with some eye shadow that's a similar color to your liner. Using an angled brush with a small tip, coat the brush with the powder and shake off the excess. Then apply the powder with the same light strokes as the pencil. No worries if your initial application is a little heavy -- you can take a brow brush and comb out the excess. If your brows are thick and a little unruly, you can add some clear mascara to keep them in place. You can also look for pencils that contain wax to help shape and hold a thicker brow.

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