Look Up! 5 Tips for Filling in Thin Brows

Brows, Take Two

Perhaps your eyebrows never really recovered from an enthusiastic tweezing session. Or maybe a drop of wax fell in an unfortunate spot, leaving you with a bald spot in the middle of a brow. And then there are those of us who were born with a delicate frosting of brow hair rather than a forest. Whatever the situation, you may be able to kick-start the regrowth process.

For example, dab a bit of Rogaine (or any over-the-counter hair-growth product) where you'd like eyebrow hair to grow, and within a few weeks, you could see a new crop take shape. You could also ask your physician for minoxidil. This prescription drug is used to treat hair loss and, in correct doses, can be applied to eyebrows as well [source: Beauchamp].

If you'd like to take a natural route, apply castor oil to sparse eyebrow areas at bedtime and allow it to soak in overnight. Castor oil is the active ingredient in several cosmetic products that promise to stimulate brow growth [source: Borlongan].

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